Richard Scarry was a prolific writer and illustrator of children’s books throughout his career. Always well-reviewed on Amazon, his collections inspire nostalgia in parents and quickly become a child’s favourite book. Each page is designed as a diorama that shows the relationships between people and activities. The artwork is detailed with lots of funny dialogue and captions.

Busy, Busy World takes the young reader on an adventure around the world to visit different countries and cultures. It’s a wonderful introduction to global diversity. Children are invited to connect traditional roles and customs with their present understanding of the world. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to talk about the examples of harmony among different peoples. Little explorers can travel to different cities such as London, Paris, and Cairo to meet a red fox named “Pierre the Paris Policeman” or a pig family sightseeing in Venice by gondola. The writing is sensitive to a young reader’s imagination and will make them laugh out loud.

His best-seller, What Do People Do All Day? introduces kids to the concept of work and career. In Busytown, everyone is busy all day doing their best. From train drivers to doctors, from mothers to sailors, in police stations and on fire engines, readers can follow the characters through their work-a-day lives. Workers are shown making things and selling them to buy things they need and want. Children can easily identify themes in business management, human relations, and economics. If your child has ever asked why you go to work each day, this book will help explain the relationship between work and reward.

A perennial favourite is Cars, Trucks and Things That Go. New and familiar animal characters are introduced driving strange and fun vehicles. It’s filled with scenes rich in detail that reward children who look closely for hidden clues. Fantasy vehicles like the pickle truck, an alligator car, and a toothbrush with wheels are fantastic. There is even a fire truck that shows up to extinguish a tiny fire in a miniature convertible driven by a ladybug. Kids will have fun tracking Officer Flossie’s book-long chase after that irresponsible, speedster driver in a cowboy hat!

If you’re looking for a special gift for a young reader or new talker, consider adding a Richard Scarry edition to your child’s library. They’re fun, educational, and really engaging for young and old.

Have a happy holiday!

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